Hardwoods of Fairview

Floors are one of the most important parts of the house, so you should not settle for just any old surface covering. There are various choices for flooring. One such choice is hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors, Fairview TX are a long lasting flooring option and it looks very elegant. There are different kinds of hardwood floor options that are available in different shapes and sizes. Here are the different kinds of hardwood floors, Fairview TX.


Different Types of Hardwood Floors, Fairview TX


– Solid Hardwood Floors: These kinds of hardwood floors are been comprised of single piece of wood with grooves and tongue sides. Most of these come unfinished but many of these are pre-finished solid hardwood floors. These kinds of flooring are very sensitive to moisture. As a result, solid planks are been nailed down typically down over the wood kind sub-floor and it is not recommended to use directly over the concrete slab or below the ground level. The best thing about it is that it can be recoated and refinished multiple times throughout their lifespan. The hardwood flooring is a natural product so it expands and contracts in response to the seasonal changes in the moisture. The wood can contract when it is cold outside and hot inside. Sometimes, it might create unsightly gaps between the planks. When humidity increase, the wood floors can expand which cause the gaps to disappear magically. Too much of moisture can cause the planks to cup or buckle.

– Solid Oak Flooring: Oaks are been used typically to create solid, unfinished wood floors. Different qualities of oaks are available so you should be aware that what you are purchasing. Clear oak has no blemishes or knots just like a flawless diamond and it can be very expensive. You can get oak at lower cost if you opt for Better Oak or Select Oak. Both of these have small visible knots.

– Engineered Hardwood Flooring: These kinds of flooring have become extremely popular. It has become popular mainly because of the fact that it can be used in many areas of the property where solid hardwood is not recommended. These kinds of floors are made up of three or more planks (thin sheets of wood) which are been laminated together to form a single plank. These are usually been laid at opposite directions of each other during the process of manufacturing. These kinds of constructions create a hardwood floor which is dimensionally stable and it is not affected by the changes in temperature and moisture like the 3/4” solid wood floors. The benefit of the cross-ply construction is that the piles counteract with each other, thus it prohibit the plank from shrinking or expanding. Another benefit of installing it at your home is its versatility. These can be installed anywhere practically, including over concrete slabs, wood sub-floors and in your basement. These can be stapled down, nailed down, glued down and even floated over some kinds of existing flooring. These kinds of hardwood flooring range from 1/4 to 9/16” thick and from 2 1/4 to 7” in width. If you want to create a custom look then the widths of it can be mixed and the planks are installed side-by-side. Its lengths are random and it range from 12” to 60” in length. As these kinds of floors are comprised of several layers of wood, the finish of its top layer can be of completely different wood species than its lower layers. These kinds of hardwood flooring are available in different kinds of wood species, domestic as well as exotic hardwoods.

– Longstrip Hardwood Flooring: The top, finish layer of these kinds of flooring are made up of several thinner wood plies that are glued together in order to make a single plank. The center core of it is usually made up of softer wood material and these are been used to make the groove and tongue. Its top layer can be of any hardwood species and it is been comprised of smaller individual pieces which are generally been laid in 2-3 rows. The great thing about it is that it gives the illusion of a board which is several planks long and is two or three narrow planks wide. Each of them appears to be an entire preassembled section.

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