Overview of Solid Hardwood & Engineered Wood Floors

North Dallas is well-known for its remarkable hardwood floor services, including installation, repair, replacement and more.  Amongst the area are towns with solid flooring services such as McKinney, Plano, Fairview, University Park, Highland Park, and many more.  If you want to install anew floor in your home, then there are a wide range of floors to choose from , but finding the type that suit your floor can be a daunting process. The variety of floors available currently include ceramic, laminate, carpeting, plastic, tile, wood and vinyl. For the past 10 years, the use of wood flooring has been in the rise. The widespread reputation of wood flooring continues to grow for a single simple reason-there are no substitute for the natural beauty as well as warmth of real hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors come is a variety of designs, shapes, colors, and sizes in order to meet the diverse needs of the users all over the world. It is worth noting that there are two basic types of wood floors:engineered wood and solid wood. Conventional or traditional solid- wood flooring is what you need. In this case, every floorboard is milled from a section of a solid wood. Basically, engineered wood flooring is just a whole wood, laminated piece of wood which is made from a portion of wood.


The standard thickness of hardwood range from 5/16 to inches. The floorboards are milled in one of the three methods, which influence the price and the stability of the hardwood. These ways include quarter sawn, flat or plain sawn and rift sawn. Rift sawn involves cutting a log at a different angle unlike the quarter sawn method. However, it is the most costly method, but more stable. In quarter sawn, the logs are cut into quarters before they are cut into strips of wood to make hardwood flooring boards. On the other hand, plain or flat sawn is the most used method. This cut can offer you a wide range of variations than the others.


This type of flooring is not only elegant, but also durable. When installed properly, solid wood floors can give you that stylish look that you have been desiring for many years. To achieve the best results, you need to keep the flooring in good shape.


The only issue with this type of floor is that you cannot have then installed over radiant heat or below grade. It is also advisable not to install it above a concrete sub-floor. Moreover, solid hardwood floors are more expensive than other options such as engineered wood flooring.

Engineered wood

Engineered hardwood is one of the most preferred construction material because it is less costly and come in different shapes and colors. This product is made by gluing actual hardwood veneer to a core board. Note that the core-board is made of either high density fiberboard or plywood. For this reason, engineered wood is more versatile as compared to solid hardwood. This means that it will not expand or contract as much as a result of changes in both temperature and humidity.

The good news is that engineered wood can be installed over concrete sub-floor or even radiant heat. It is also cheap than solid floors .

Ways of cutting the veneer

There are three methods of cutting the veneer for the engineered flooring, including rotary peel, dry solid sawn and sliced peel. Dry solid sawn involves allowing the log to dry out slowly in order to reduce the chances of cupping. In rotary peel, the log is boiled for a certain amount of time at a particular temperature to prepare the log. However, this method is associated with problems like warping and cupping. Lastly, sliced peel concerns boiling the wood at a given temperature for a determined period of time. After the log has been prepared, it is sliced from the end. The sliced portion is then pressed to form veneer.

Sanding and Refinishing

Engineered wood floors can either be sanded and refinished or not. This depends on the thickness of the veneer. For instance, a veneer with a thickness of less than 2mm will not be sanded and refinished. However, if it has a thickness of more than 2mm, it can be sanded and refinished. Note that handscrapped floors should not be sanded and refinished despite having a thickness of more than 2mm.

Other types of floors include acrylic impregnated floors, grades, and more. Before choosing a flooring option for your home, it is important to consider cost, hardness, durability, color, type of finish among other factors. Remember to choose the right wood flooring that blends well with your interior design, so as to enhance your home.

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